My husband transitioned to clean shaving about 5 years ago and has never looked back. The brush set he uses is not available, but this da Vinci shaving brush has a Kebony wood handle – a sustainably sourced softwood that has undergone an eco-friendly treatment. For a more economical option, you can try this solid wood handle brush, stand, and shaving bowl set that comes with a lifetime warranty. The Merkur safety razor is stainless steel, made in Germany, and you can get 10 blades for less than $10! Since you’re only disposing of the thin blade, much less waste ends up in the landfill (Tip: Check if your local recycler accepts used blades or drop them off at a scrap-metal recycler).  **Note: I try only to recommend items my family has personally used, but since some items we use aren’t available, I’m making an exception in this category and will look forward to your feedback.

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