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One-on-one coaching

Customized Program
A 6-month program designed to meet your specific health and wellness needs and desires.


Start your journey and get a program tailored just for you. Because my health philosophy is based on the concept that no one diet, no one lifestyle, no one type of exercise is right for everyone, we will work together to get to the core of what works best for you.

I'm Ready To Commit To My Health


A process where I speak with a client via a video call (or in person in the Azores) and offer support and accountability in achieving their individual health goals through food, lifestyle, and behavior modifications. During these sessions the client is challenged to develop their inner wisdom, identify their values, and transform their goals into actions.


Health coaching is a heart-centered approach to wellness; a necessary alternative to today’s sick care model where the average person has 15 minutes with a health care provider and the focus is often to suppress symptoms (our bodies’ form of communicating its needs). Heart-centered health care takes you on a journey within. It involves offering sufficient time to build one-on-one relationships between the health coach and client in order to make wellness plans and set health goals that will work for a specific person. This approach shifts the power from the health care provider back into the client’s hands and increases confidence, self care, decision making, and lifestyle change.


Because you can’t achieve total health overnight and reprogramming old habits takes time. Sustainable health comes bit by bit, through incremental but important changes. Because I don’t peddle “miracle fixes”, I’m here with you for the long, but rewarding, journey to discovering your unique health and wellness requirements.


  • How to eat in a way that meets your health needs and doesn’t feel restrictive
  • How to increase your body confidence
  • How to read labels and spot undesirable ingredients
  • How to become more in tune with your body’s signs and signals
  • How to transform your love-life into one with more connection and enjoyment (even if you’re single)
  • What to stock your fridge and pantry with
  • How to connect how your food is produced to how it affects your body
  • What type of physical activity suits you best
  • How to improve your gut health
  • Where to source high-quality foods
  • How to become an expert on spotting and deciphering food claim marketing labels
  • How to look at how all parts of your life – career, relationships, spirituality, food, movement – affect your health as a whole
  • How to navigate the world of contradictory nutrition and health advice to explore what truly works for you


  • Two 1-hr private sessions per month (12 sessions total)
  • One 30-min check-in & tune-up session within 6 months after completion of program
  • Action steps to complete before each session
  • Fridge & pantry makeover (online or in-person in Azores)
  • Handouts specific to your needs and goals
  • Email support between sessions
  • Simple healthy recipes


Hi, I’m Gena!

I am the founder of Âmago Health and Wellness, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and a sustainable farmer.

Dedicating my life to meaningful work is what brought me back to my roots in the Azores. The islands serve as the hub from where I help people around the world to reconnect with their bodies when determining their unique path to wellness. I do this by speaking, consulting, and writing about the Âmago approach to health.


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