Castor Oil

You can use castor oil externally on your hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows to promote growth and hydration; on your skin for hydration, purification, and regeneration; on your nails to strengthen them and condition the cuticles; and for therapeutic castor oil packs (with wool flannel and a hot water bottle – 100% natural rubber or eco thermoplastic for those with rubber/latex sensitivities) for a […]

Epsom Salt & Magnesium Flakes

A detox bath with epsom salt (4lbs or 19lbs) or magnesium flakes has the potential to both improve your body’s detoxification pathways and help resolve both sulfur and magnesium deficiencies – two serious nutritional deficiencies experienced by the vast majority of people. Magnesium is considered to help improve sleep and skin, relieve sore muscles, calm nerves and anxiety, and relieve muscle […]


My personal favorites are the Gabriel Dual Powder Foundation (which I prefer to apply with a brush), Jane Iredale PureBrow Clear Gel (which I use for both my eyebrows and as a clear mascara), Jane Iredale Lip Stain (I have all 3 colors – Forever Pink, Red, Peach), and Éminence Mineral Illuminator. 

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