Nettle & Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Red Raspberry Leaf and nettle leaf have beneficial properties for the woman’s reproductive system. These herbs can assist with reducing excessive menstrual bleeding and the severity of cramps as well as relaxing and toning the uterus and aiding the immune system. Some nutritional benefits: magnesium, b-vitamins, potassium, iron, and vitamin C. If you’d like both herbs in a chlorine-free […]

Cod Liver Oil

nutrient-dense source of essential vitamins including the fat-soluble vitamins A and D as well as anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. In addition to lowering inflammation, cod liver oil may provide other health benefits including reducing heavy menstrual bleeding, diminishing joint pain, and lessening symptoms of anxiety and depression to name a few. If in Europe try this quality brand. […]

Castor Oil

You can use castor oil externally on your hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows to promote growth and hydration; on your skin for hydration, purification, and regeneration; on your nails to strengthen them and condition the cuticles; and for therapeutic castor oil packs (with wool flannel and a hot water bottle – 100% natural rubber or eco thermoplastic for those with rubber/latex sensitivities) for a […]

Epsom Salt & Magnesium Flakes

A detox bath with epsom salt (4lbs or 19lbs) or magnesium flakes has the potential to both improve your body’s detoxification pathways and help resolve both sulfur and magnesium deficiencies – two serious nutritional deficiencies experienced by the vast majority of people. Magnesium is considered to help improve sleep and skin, relieve sore muscles, calm nerves and anxiety, and relieve muscle […]

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