My personal favorites are the Gabriel Dual Powder Foundation (which I prefer to apply with a brush), Jane Iredale PureBrow Clear Gel (which I use for both my eyebrows and as a clear mascara), Jane Iredale Lip Stain (I have all 3 colors – Forever Pink, Red, Peach), and Éminence Mineral Illuminator. 


The Nanosponge is guaranteed to stay odor-free and fresh for 30-days and helps reduce toxic household chemicals by cleaning only with water. You can use it for more than just dishes. Scrub and clean virtually anything using only water and the Nanosponge or a minimal amount of soap if you wish. It can be reused by washing […]

Avocado Oil

As with all oils, smoke points vary depending on quality and processing methods. Unrefined extra virgin avocado oil generally has a smoke point between 400° F – 480° F (204° C – 249° C). This means it’s not the ideal choice for high heat frying, but a fine choice for medium heat frying, mayonnaise, and dressings. If you’re looking […]


This is a variation of clarified butter, traditional to India, that has had its milk solids removed. Since there is no lactose nor casein in ghee, it is tolerable for most people with dairy allergies. Removing the milk solids results in a higher smoke point of 450° F – 485° F (232° C – 252° C), […]

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