Âmago represents someone or something’s true essence. It’s the core of someone’s being or the heart of a problem. The Âmago logo has a center surrounded by bay laurel leaves which are well known in the kitchen, but throughout ancient history have been associated with healing and wisdom. It’s through our inner wisdom that we find our unique path to healing, health, and happiness.




With over 100 diets on the market and countless lifestyle suggestions, it becomes confusing to know what we should eat and how we should live our lives to be healthy. Harnessing inner + ancestral wisdom we make our way to the “root”, the “source”, the “core”. What is at the root of your lack of excitement for life? What is the source of your excessive weight gain or the reason your body stubbornly keeps you underweight? What is at the core of your skin issues? The Âmago approach moves past fad diets and restrictive lifestyles and guides you to your individual source for health – I call this the 1 in 7 Billion Diet. Because humans are bio-individual, meaning no other human body works exactly like yours, your food and lifestyle needs should reflect this individuality.

Hi I’m Gena!

I’m a nutrition and lifestyle consultant and sustainable farmer.

After studying development of human and material resources at UC Berkeley and holistic health at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition I now dedicate my life to being an agent of positive change on issues of health, wellness, and food production. I speak, consult, and write about the Âmago approach to health.


“I decided to take a different approach to healing my health issues”

For decades I suffered with symptoms of digestive distress and inflammation, such as irritable bowel syndrome and an inflammatory skin disorder called rosacea. My symptoms reached a point where I began to withdraw from social engagements and hid from photographs and mirrors. After seeing doctors in both the US and Europe, spending thousands on medications and treatments ranging from topical creams to Accutane to laser therapy, and being told I would have to take antibiotics for the rest of my life, I decided to take a different approach to healing my health issues that included listening to my body’s signals (aka symptoms) instead of suppressing them and pursuing a lifestyle more aligned with my life values.

I kept telling myself that the suffering I was experiencing had a hidden reason that I would only understand in the future. At times it was hard to believe this, but today it makes perfect sense. I had to experience this life lesson in order to acquire the knowledge to free me from dependency on pharmaceuticals and help others understand that in order to become healthy we can’t suppress or mask our symptoms, but rather use them to guide us to the root of our health issues. This is how the Âmago approach to health and wellness was born. 

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