Moving past fad diets and restrictive lifestyles and guiding you to the core of your individual health. Here we avoid demonizing foods and embrace traditional fats, properly prepared grains, unprocessed dairy, and sustainably raised meats.

But health goes beyond just what you eat! We explore the meaning of a healthy body image, healthy sex, healthy movement, and a healthy lifestyle. 

Hi, I’m Gena!

I am the founder of Âmago Health and Wellness, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and a sustainable farmer. Dedicating my life to meaningful work is what brought me back to my roots in the Azores. The islands serve as the hub from where I help people around the world to reconnect with their bodies when determining their unique path to wellness. I do this by speaking, consulting, and writing about the Âmago approach to health.



Your individual genetics and metabolism are as unique as a fingerprint. That is why the idea that one diet or lifestyle can work for everyone is misleading. Working one-on-one with me allows us the necessary time to not only explore the foods that are the best fit for your body but also how to move and think about your body. I work with anyone who is interested in making improvements to their health and well-being, but I also specialize in: Gut Health, Traditional Cooking, Healthy Aging & Body Confidence, Healing Rosacea, Weight Concerns, and Sex & Relationships.

Want to learn more about how I can guide you through these areas with a program tailor-made for your specific needs?



Currently, I offer a 6-month customized health coaching program that covers everything from food to relationships and mindset to exercise. Soon I will be releasing a step-by-step fridge and pantry makeover guide that will take the guessing out of what foods should stock your kitchen shelves.



When it comes to sourcing healthy food, it’s important to know where your food comes from. Our farm, on the Azores island of São Miguel, allows me to help people make the connection that the way their food is produced directly impacts their health. Come see how we do things differently!

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